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Antonio Caldara: Oratory of St. Stephen, First King of Hungary

Partner event of Belépés Családostul — Göd Baroque Days

Sunday 28 August 2022, 6.30 p.m. (starting time has changed)
Göd, Saint Stephen Church of Alsógöd (73 Pesti út) Map »


Savaria Baroque Orchestra / Pál Németh


  • Saint Stephen, King of Hungary — László Jekl
  • Gizella, Queen of Hungary — Krisztina Jónás
  • Anastasio (Astrik), archbishop — László Kéringer
  • Erasto, subject — Máté Fülep

Conducted by:

  • Pál Németh


Antonio Caldara: Oratorio di Santo Stefano, Primo Re dell’Ungheria

The Savaria Baroque Orchestra is founded by Pál Németh flutist-conductor. Its aim is to play 17th and 18th century music using the documents of the period. The basis of the ensemble is the strings, which are joined by other instruments as required. The string section plays on genuine 18th century instruments. The goal of the orchestra is to re-discover and perform rarities from the 17-18th centuries in concerts, opera performances, CD-, DVD-, radio, TV-, and film-recordings.

The ensemble’s repertoire consists mainly of works from the first half of the 18th century, but also includes music from the 17th century and the Viennese Classics. The perform works ranging from solo pieces to operas by Monteverdi to Mozart, for any number or combination of players. Alongside the main schools of this period (Italian, French, German and English works), they also include Hungarian works.

They made many recordings with Hungaroton and have broadcast on Hungarian Radio and Television, Radio France, Suisse, Croatia, Romania, Slovakia, Serbia, concert appearances include Austria, France, Germany, Suisse, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Rumania, Slovakia, Serbia, Cyprus and the United Kingdom.

The Savaria Baroque is the permanent orchestra of the Budapest Chamber Opera and of the Bükk Art’s Days Baroque Festival. Thus it took part in several successful performances, e.g. oratorios and other stage works by Monteverdi, Handel, Vivaldi, Bach, Haydn, Mozart, Galuppi, Telemann, Pergolesi, Lully, Dittersdorf.

Savaria Baroque Orchestra
Savaria Baroque Orchestra